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Amazing Events


Pagan Alliance

A great organisation. Quarterly magazine Pagan Times has good features and contact notices. Each state also has its own newsletter.

 For VictoriaPagan Alliance, PO Box 4009, Geelong 3220


Pagans in the Pub


Pagans in the Pub is held the first Saturday of each month at the same location. This is an excellent event where witches, wiccans, and so forth can come together and have lunch, a drink or two and to chat. Meet new people of like minds and make friends.

Date: 1st Saturday of each month.

Time:  2:00pm to 7:00pm

Location: Grandview Hotel (crn Heidelberg rd & Station st, Fairfield)

Hosted by: Summus Pontifex Maximus Philippe, Seline Cardamon-Cairns, Ingrid Elkner and Kathy Norman



Pagan Celebrant


Seline is an old friend and very experienced pagan priestess. She was one of the organisers and major participants in the amazing and world-famous Euphoria rituals that were held every year over the Easter weekend.
Seline has been a qualified celebrant for several years and has a deep appreciation, understanding and experience of ritual.
Seline doesn't have a website but you can email her on ...

Ph:  9439 5985