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Sabbat & Open Circle Celebrations at Vermont

* $20 Entry fee (kids free) ...




24th Sept, Sat, Ostara/Spring Equinox Celebration, 11.30am; Ritual 1.30pm


  3rd Oct, Mon, Open Circle: Circle of Happiness


  8th Oct, Sat, Open Circle: Magic Saturday Workshop & Ritual


15th Oct, Sat, Open Circle: Magic Saturday Workshop & Ritual


 22nd Oct, Sat, Open Circle: Magic Saturday Workshop & Ritual


29th Oct, Sat, Beltain Celebration


Note:  These dates don’t necessarily coincide with the actual date of the festival – these are the closest Saturdays to the event.  For instance, Beltane would usually be celebrated on the 1st November because the Northern Hemisphere date is traditionally 1st May.  Having said that, it must be remembered that these celebrations are agricultural celebrations dependent on natural events and the celebration dates could vary by days or possibly as much as a week or more; so that Lammas, for instance, would only be celebrated after all the grain had been harvested and this might be sometime after the traditional date.  The dates, as we usually consider them, would only have become ‘fixed’ when they were incorporated into the Christian calendar.  Later it seems that the traditional UK Halloween celebration on 31st October became indistinguishable from Guy Fawkes Night (Bonfire Night) which is celebrated on November 5th. Bonfires are so named because they were part of Sabbat celebrations