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From the Magic Cottage … Paganism, Wicca, Witchcraft, Earth Magick, Shamanism, Ceremonial Magic, Ritual, Magical Herbs, Gypsy/Romany tarot readings, products, workshops & information  ... Monday - Thursday, 10am to 6pm at Vermont (scroll down to Where to Find Us on the left of the page.) For Contact details, scroll down to the bottom of this page.


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Thursday 3rd December


This is a workshop that will solve some of the gift-giving decisions we all experience at this time of the year.  Come & create some unique & special Magical Solstice Gifts for family & friends; including decorative charms to hang, carved candle spells, Happiness Powder & a Dragon Pillow.  

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 1st Dec, Tues, Invocation workshop

 3rd Dec, Thurs, Creating Magical Solstice Gifts

 7th Dec, Mon, Open Circle: Solstice Energising & Revitalising Conjuration

 08th Dec, Tues, Hermetic Order of the Red Dragon

15th Dec, Tues, Twilight Market at St Andrews

22nd Dec, Tues, Playing with the Universe

28th Dec, Mon, Litha: Summit of the Gods, Summer Solstice Celebration

29th Dec, Tues, Playing with the Universe


 4th Jan, Mon, Open Circle: Lakeside Meditation.


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A One-on-One Intensive Day Workshop of Magical Empowerment

Whether you have a situation requiring magical assistance, or simply wish to learn effective Spellcraft, this workshop will teach you the magic you require to effect positive change in your life.  As this is a One-on-One workshop, it can be tailored around your needs and can be booked for a weekday, mutually convenient for both parties.

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I’ve had several people contact us looking for others interested in specific areas such as Ceremonial Magic, Kabala, Shamanism, etc.  If you are looking for someone that might share the same interest, email me or phone and I’ll try to put you in contact with each other.  I suggest that you use email, mobile phone or PO boxes as points of contact rather than home phone or home addresses to maintain privacy and anonymity until you feel comfortable & ready for closer contact.




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