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Earth Magic & Ritual




Monday 1st December


Energising & Revitalising Circle


As we move into the Solstice ‘silly season’, the energies can become overwhelming, demanding & intense.  Come take part in this working to counter, transform & harness these powerful energies, to energize & revitalise you physically, mentally & spiritually.
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A fun evening, blending a variety of potions to nourish and beautify body and soul.  You’ll create a lushious, tinted lip balm and learn the secret recipe of the famous Venus’ Love Attraction Oil.  To keep your complexion looking youthful and glowing, you’ll whip up some oatmeal and organic honey face porridge and some Aphrodite Rose and Honey Moisturizer.  The secret to looking good is to feel good; that’s what this workshop is all about.

Upcoming Workshops …

1st December, Mon, Open Circle, Energising & Revitalising
 2nd December, Tues, Invocation workshop
 8th December, Mon, Aphrodite's Magical Beauty Potions
 9th December, Tues, Hermetic Order of the Red Dragon
29th December, Mon, Summer Solstice: Summit of the Gods & Goddesses, Fancy Dress

  5th January, Mon, Full Moon Open Circle
12th & 19th January, Mon, Book of Shadows workshop
28th January, Wed, Incense Making workshop

  2nd February, Mon, Open Circle Lammas Ritual
  9th February, Mon, Aphrodite’s Love Attraction Evening

And there’s more to come!  For details, click on the links on the left of this page … and stay tuned as we update more information on the new stuff …   Come & join us!



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St Andrews Market ...

Saturdays we’re at St. Andrew’s Market …

Times of business at the magic cottage in Vermont are Mon, Tues, Weds & Thurs, 10.30am to 6pm.  On Saturday we’re at St. Andrew’s Market and there’s a community bus service from Hurstbridge Station that runs all day from 9.25am to 5.50pm.  Click on Bus Timetable on the left of the screen for details.


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Playing with the Universe:


This series of workshops is about finding out how we, each, make magic work & how we make it fail.  It’s a Magic 101.  When we know the Rules of the Game, we can generate magic that is, individually, much more fun, much more interesting, much more exciting and much more satisfying … … unless you don’t want to …

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I’ve had several people contact us looking for others interested in specific areas such as Ceremonial Magic, Kabala, Shamanism, etc.  If you are looking for someone that might share the same interest, email me or phone and I’ll try to put you in contact with each other.  I suggest that you use email, mobile phone or PO boxes as points of contact rather than home phone or home addresses to maintain privacy and anonymity until you feel comfortable & ready for closer contact.




Romany/Gypsy Tarot Readings are available during the week at Vermont and Saturdays at St Andrew’s Market.  Readings are $30 and you can book by phone or email, or just drop in and see us ... 

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The Magic Cottage is at …

130 Boronia Road,


VIC, 3133

Phone:  03 9530 4843


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