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The Raven is a bird strongly associated with the Otherworld & Magic.  It is a messenger & carries the vision & power of creativity & problem solving.  The Tawny Frogmouth embodies the spirit of the invisible ancestral worlds & the Wisdom of the Elders.  Empower yourself with the energy & tribal powers of these two amazing birds with this beautiful hair adornment, which you’ll craft with real raven & tawny frogmouth feathers & embellish with a selection of elegant beads & trinkets.

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(Page updated: Thursday 14th August)







OIL  (for Women)

The ultimate secret weapon of the Goddess!  This Romany love oil was believed to have been blended for the Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra, primarily so that she could seduce, influence & control the leader of the invading Roman army, Julius Caesar.  History tells us that it worked, and not just on Caesar!

Use VENUS LOVE OIL sparingly (and only when you’re seriously out hunting!), and, as Coco Chanel said … ‘wear it low on the body … and your body heat will do the rest’.  When you see someone you like and begin to feel excited, your heart beats a little faster causing your body temperature to rise even more, giving an added oomph to the scent of the Venus Oil

Venus Oil can also be worn with your favourite perfume as its effect is subtle, subliminal; acting directly on the brain.  It is, however, very important that you don’t use the Venus Oil as an everyday scent.  Venus Oil should only be used when you are out seriously hunting!

$4.50, 2ml vial.

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Upcoming Workshops & Rituals …

19th August, Tues, Hermetic Order of the Red Dragon
21st August, Thurs, Raven feather/Frogmouth feather hair adornment workshop
26th August, Tues, Playing with the Universe
28th August, Thurs, Abundance Pouch Workshp

 1st September, Mon, Open Circle
 2nd September, Tues, Playing with the Universe
 3rd September, Wed, Circle Casting & Ritual Workshop (1st of 6 weeks)
 9th September, Tues, Invocation Workshop
16th September, Tues, Hermetic Order of the Red Dragon
23rd September, Tues, Playing with the Universe

 8th October, Wed, Open Circle (incorporating final Circle Casting Workshop)
13th October, Mon, Spellcraft #1 (1st part)
20th October, Mon, Spellcraft #1 (2nd part)
27th October, Mon, Spellcraft #1 (3rd part)

And there’s more to come!  For details, click on the links on the left of this page … and stay tuned as we update more information on the new stuff … 2013 was a pretty amazing year for us … 2014 is proving to be even bigger, better & brighter !!!  Come & join us!



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St Andrews Market ...

Saturdays we’re at St. Andrew’s Market …

Times of business at the magic cottage in Vermont are Mon, Tues, Weds & Thurs, 10.30am to 6pm.  On Saturday we’re at St. Andrew’s Market and there’s a community bus service from Hurstbridge Station that runs all day from 9.25am to 5.50pm.  Click on Bus Timetable on the left of the screen for details.


Check out the St Andrews Market Facebook page:

or the St Andrews website:



Playing with the Universe:


This series of workshops is about finding out how we, each, make magic work & how we make it fail.  It’s a Magic 101.  When we know the Rules of the Game, we can generate magic that is, individually, much more fun, much more interesting, much more exciting and much more satisfying … … unless you don’t want to …

Dates & times of workshops on the left.



I’ve had several people contact us looking for others interested in specific areas such as Ceremonial Magic, Kabala, Shamanism, etc.  If you are looking for someone that might share the same interest, email me or phone and I’ll try to put you in contact with each other.  I suggest that you use email, mobile phone or PO boxes as points of contact rather than home phone or home addresses to maintain privacy and anonymity until you feel comfortable & ready for closer contact.




Tarot readings are available during the week at Vermont and Saturdays at St Andrew’s Market.  Readings are $30 and you can book by phone or email, or just drop in and see us ... 

Good roads and fair weather,

David …

The Magic Cottage is at …

130 Boronia Road,


VIC, 3133

Phone:  03 9530 4843


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