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 Author: Macgregor Mathers

Author: Aleister Crowley

The Lesser Key of Solomon the King, edit & intro by Aleister Crowley.

This classic work, translated by Mathers, was commissioned, edited, introduced and released in 1904 by Crowley, is the first of five magical texts known as the Lemegeton (or Keys of Solomon). This is the original English translation providing a clear and detailed account of the preparations and precautions necessary for the successful evocation of its 72 spirits; which are described in detail. Mathers’ introduction discusses the numerous manuscripts from which he made this translation. Includes Crowley's “An Initiated Interpretation of Ceremonial Magic”, his version of “The Bornless Ritual”, Enochian translations of some of the Goetic invocations, an introduction, and notes. Large format. Illustrated. Smythe-sewn and printed on acid-free paper.

Illus.. 7”x 10”. 160 pp. (Weiser) Paper.

Price $ 32.95