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Every rune is a channel between worlds... Discover the unique power of these ancient characters representing Teutonic gods, the natural elements, and a magical language. The 25 glyphs on these beautiful stones express the alphabet of the Gods and each letter is imbued with the same power of the Creation. Each material is a perfect medium to enhance specific properties of the runes, as their wisdom is a gift from the very Earth itself.

Runes, like fragments of the world's skeleton, contain within themselves the essence of the first Rune, the magic of man and the power of the ancient Nordic gods.

Incised on polished agate, a semi-precious intense green-veined stone. The velvet bag contains an instruction booklet and the runes in black agate.

Includes 25 stone runes, black velvet Lo Scarabeo bag, and instruction booklet.

Price $ 49.95