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Ritual: OPEN CIRCLE: Aura Empowerment

Unconsciously, other people, animals, situations ... pick up on our auras. Have you ever had the experience of some people totally misunderstanding you & your intentions? This is because the energy in your aura is out of line with you & the things you want, and this affects EVERYTHING in your life!

This ritual is to help you empower your aura, and, thereby empowering you. Come and try it, it's fun, and you'll leave here feeling fantastic!

If you'd love to perform ritual & magic beneath the Cathedral-like canopy of an Oak grove, dance around a cauldron, or conjure spells around a crackling fire, then this regular circle is for you!

Each month we explore ideas & possibilities in ritual & magic with a hands-on approach, whilst developing & honing skills & deepening understanding of aspects & elements helpful in performing effective magic & ritual. The circle invites & encourages participants to share their knowledge, experience & creative ideas within a friendly, non-dogmatic group of like-minded people.

Whether you're a seasoned witch, have completed my 'Circle Casting & Ritual Workshop', or are a complete beginner, this ongoing circle has something for everyone, & provides the opportunity to incorporate magic & ritual into your life on a regular basis.

Next meeting: TBA
Time: 7pm - 9pm
Where: 130 Boronia Rd., Vermont, Melbourne 3133
Cost: $20
Contact: Julie 9873 3736

Price $ 20.00