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Altar, Ritual, Spellcraft Tools & Accessories

Here you'll find many of the bits & pieces you may want for spells & rituals. Some items such as candles, oils, incense, herbs, powders, boxes & pouches have their own categories. You'll find them listed on the left of the screen.
Wands have their own category ... see bottom of list on the left.

ALTAR CLOTH, Green Pane Velvet w Pentagram. $29.95
ALTAR CLOTH, Green Satin w Pentagram. $32.95
ALTAR CLOTH, Green Satin w Triquetra. $32.95
ALTAR CLOTH, Purple Satin w Pentagram. $32.95
Planetary Altar pentacle w green crystal $16.95
WOODEN ALTAR PENTACLE with leaves & Acorns. $16.50