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Ceremonial Robes, Sashes, etc

Our robes have been created in keeping with most magical and ritual traditions. We have kept our designs basic so that you may embellish them as you so desire. It is favourable to contribute something to the making of your robes even a few stitches in the hem is fine. Contributing to your robe will help to imbue it with your own personal energies, and these energies will build each time you wear your robe.

Each garment comes with instructions on how to spiritually and physically clean and store your robe.
SASH (0 = 0 Neophyte) $18.00
SASH Conversion #1 (1 = 10 Zelator ) $38.00
SASH Conversion #2 (32nd Path) $20.00
SASH Conversion #3 (2=9 Theoreticus) $20.00
SASH Conversion #4 (Adding Path symbols) $20.00
SASH Conversion #5 (Adding Grade symbols) $20.00
Witchcraft/Ceremonial RITUAL for ROBING $0.00