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Please place a $10 deposit to confirm your booking. (Credit card payment via this website doesn’t work at the moment. Call us or see below for other options.)

Imagine having a fabulous magical tool, more powerful than anything you could buy; because it will have been lovingly crafted by you & imbued with your energies.

In this workshop you’ll create a ‘traditional’ wand in timber, embellished with feathers, leather & copper shim (to conduct energy) & finished with a crystal point to transmit energies & a tumbled labradorite to connect with the elements & earth energies.

Wands in Wicca, Witchcraft & other earth spiritualities, are used to harness, focus & direct energies in a variety of workings & magical practices. For instance, they can be used to carve out sacred space, invoke & banish energies and charge objects for specific purposes.

For those that prefer non-animal derived products, alternative decorative options are available.

When: TBA
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Where: 130 Boronia Rd., Vermont, 3133
Cost: $75.00 (all materials supplied)
Contact: Julie 9873 3736

*Our upstairs showroom will be open to students on this night.*

Please place a $10 deposit to confirm your booking.
Contact us for Credit card payment
or Direct Debit,
Bank: NAB
Account name: Esoteric Bookshop
BSB: 083 343
Account number: 117464490

Price $ 75.00