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Sigillum Dei Aemeth A4 poster

In the seven years, 1582 to 1589, Dr. John Dee (Astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I) and Edward Kelly conducted a series of amazing dialogues with several angels.

Using a crystal (or shewstone), and with Kelly as the medium (or skryer), the angels instructed Dee & Kelly to make several pieces of ‘magical’ equipment as well as teaching them the language of the angels (which today we call ‘Enochian’) to facilitate the dialogues between them. Amongst the equipment & furniture the angels instructed them to make, was the Sigillum Dei Aemeth, to made of beeswax and upon which the crystal was to be placed for skrying. Smaller versions were to be made to put under the legs of the table on which the crystal or shewstone sat.

The original sigilla are housed in the British Museum.

This A4 parchment poster is a full size facsimile taken from the original wax engraving on which the crystal was placed.

Price $ 3.50