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Coven of the Eternal Goddess

This is a great coven organized by a close friend of ours.  Well worth checking out the website.  Sorry guys, it’s a women-only coven at the present time …



Wendy Rule

The wonderful Wendy's website. It's wicked and wonderful and worth a wander.



Pagan Celebrant

Seline is an old friend and very experienced pagan priestess. She was one of the organisers and major participants in the amazing and now world-famous Euphoria rituals that were held over the Easter weekend.  And - she was one of the main organisers of the very successful Magic Happens, held in Melbourne at the beginning of December a few years.  Seline has been a qualified celebrant for several years and has a deep appreciation, understanding and experience of ritual.
Seline doesn't have a website but you can email her on ...



Kabbalah Courses
Contact Evelyn Joff

9576 8864



Sacred Feng Shui Design

Carol is a qualified feng shui consultant specialising in feng shui, space clearing, geomancy, divination, western and chinese astrology. Based in Melbourne, home and business consultations are available throughout Australia. Freecall 1300 728 279 or visit Sacred Feng Shui Design




Jason D. Varga - Australia's Extra-Sensory Entertainer

Jason D. Varga – Australia’s Extra-Sensory Entertainer fuses the power of suggestion, psychology and showmanship to predict and control human behaviour. 

For more information about Jason visit his website.




Say Something in Welsh


       I’ve recently found this site and was intrigued by the free lesson downloads which carries the admonition – ‘don’t write anything down, just listen and repeat the words.’   I’ve always been embarrassed that I lost my childhood Welsh and haven’t been able to find anyone to speak with.  This is the most amazing course and made with a great sense of humour.  After six lessons, there’s a bonus lesson on how to start a conversation in Welsh and, more importantly, how to end one and ask the person you’re speaking with to go back to English.  This is brilliant.  If anyone’s interested in trying this course and can get to St.Andrews Market on Saturdays or to one of the Sabbat Saturdays in Vermont – I’m happy to practice as much Welsh as they want.  You can start using it right from the first lesson!  Here’s some quotes from two people that found the course; one lives in Estonia, the other in Hungary.  Now if they can get these fantastic results, imagine what you can do!


‘To rework a line by Caesar:

Gwnes i weld e, gwnes i hoffi fe, gwnes i siarad e!

Yesterday I did lesson 3 and I’ve just finished lesson 4. I think it’s going swell, so much so that I can’t believe it. I’ve never learned a language this fast before, and all from just 4 audio lessons. No books, no classroom, just two VERY helpful speakers, an ipod and an hour and a half. It really works!!’

Colm Doyle, Tallinn, Estonia


‘When I found this site, I thought that the course was not worthy: no writing? no book? but seeing that 1st lesson was available to download… “Maybe I shall learn a couple of words and a little pronunciation”, I thought. But after finishing the lesson I saw myself SPEAKING Cymraeg!!!

“Incredible”, I thought; “I have to download the rest of the course!”. Now I am in lesson 14 and although I do not know any Welsh speaker in Hungary, I can speak, think and even dream in Welsh. In one word, Say Something in Welsh is just a MIRACLE.’

Carles Fernandez, Hódmezővásárhely, Hungary


St Andrews Community Market

This is the world-famous St Andrews Market and a place we became closely involved with when we first moved from our Murrumbeena shop.  The atmosphere at St Andrews reminds me of the best times of the late 1960s when we were exploring different ideas and experimenting socially; refusing to accept the 'norm' that our parents and grandparents had accepted as being the way of doing things!

 St Andrews Market is world famous apparently for it's atmosphere, music and magic ... you must visit it and have a chai tea at the Chai Tent, taste the most amazing food with flavours from all over the world, bring a drum and join the drummers on the hill.  I can't describe the place; as with magic or the Tao, words are inadequate ... ...




Pagans in the Pub

Pagans in the Pub is held the first Saturday of each month at the same location. This is an excellent event where witches, wiccans, and so forth can come together and have lunch, a drink or two and to chat. Meet new people of like minds and make friends.

Date: 1st Saturday of each month.

Time:  2:00pm to 7:00pm

Location: Grandview Hotel (crn Heidelberg rd & Station st, Fairfield)

Hosted by: Summus Pontifex Maximus PhilippeSeline Cardamon-Cairns,Ingrid Elkner and Kathy Norman