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Headquarters of the Hermetic Order of the Red Dragon


Monday - Friday, 10am to 6pm, Saturday 10.30am to 5pm at Vermont (scroll down to Where to Find Us on the left of the page.) For Contact details, scroll down to the bottom of this page.

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Make Spells,


 do Rituals,




you want




lots of tea!)


This Saturday, 25th January

Only $20


(or, if you just want to browse through the shop, that’s fine ... we obviously won’t charge you for that!)


 A free-form, spontaneous day of practical magical exploration at theMagic Cottage beneath the Mighty Oaks.  Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned magical practitioner, these Saturdays offer wonderful opportunities to share, explore, create & develop your magic in a non-dogmatic atmosphere of magical potential & possibility.

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Upcoming Workshops … 

21st January, Tues, Hermetic Order of the Red Dragon

25th January, Sat, Open Circle: Magic Saturday Workshop & Ritual

28th January, Tues, Invocation workshop


  1st February, Sat, Lammas Harvest Celebration & Raindance


And there’s more to come!  For details, click on the links on the left of this page … and stay tuned as we update more information on the new stuff … Come & join us!


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Come and have a tarot reading over a nice cup of tea ... Romany tarot readings are available by appointment; Monday to Saturday. 

Only $30 for however long it takes .... 


Good roads and fair weather,

David …


The Magic Cottage is at …

130 Boronia Road,


VIC, 3133

Phone:  03 9873 3736



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