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A One-on-One




Day Workshop


of Magical




Whether you have a situation requiring magical assistance, or simply wish to learn effective Spellcraft, this workshop will teach you the magic you require to effect positive change in your life.  As this is a One-on-One workshop, it can be tailored around your needs simply by giving us a description of your situation when you book the workshop.  You’ll receive guidance & tuition from Julie, who draws from her more than 23 years experience, to help you deveop an appropriate magical approach to achieve the essence of what you truly need & desire.

The workshop will also teach you the Theory & Practice of Magic, & the Powers inherent in Herbs, Oils & Colours & how to incorporate them into Spells.  You’ll also get to create some useful brews, charms & concoctions to empower & enable your Inner Magic.

This six-hour, magically empowering workshop can be booked for a weekday, mutually convenient for both parties.

*Lunch & Refreshments provided.

Cost:  $250
Deposit: $50

Contact us for credit card payment; or direct debit …
03 9873 3736

Bank:  NAB
Account name:  Esoteric Bookshop
BSB:   083 343
Account number: 117464490

(Please email us when you've made a deposit)