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Current INITIATED Members Only (read down to see how to become a member) ...


The Hermetic Order of the Red Dragon (HORD) is a ceremonial magic group that evolved from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (GD).  There are several significant differences in the workings of HORD from the original GD.  For instance, initiates in the GD, following the pathworking of the SRIA, didn’t begin their practical magical training until they had made their way through the elemental grades and had been initiated as adepts; which could take several years.  Also, GD members met as a group only to initiate new members or elevate members to higher degrees; adepts worked alone or in small groups.


This idea was first challenged in the Weston-Super-Mare temple of the GD where it was felt that practical magical training should start immediately, and this was put into practice in the original HORD, an offshoot of the Weston-Super-Mare GD temple.  Also, in HORD, the initiate has to demonstrate the working of three pieces of magic at each level before being advanced to the next grade. This idea is being developed even further in Australia by an Adept of the original HORD where the ritual and magical training begins at Zelator Grade (1st degree) and members work together as a group, as well as alone.  This, essentially, allows us to ‘workshop’ rituals and workings and create an atmosphere where all members, no matter their level of knowledge or experience, can contribute, valuably, to the group, from the start.


Prospective candidates are required to attend a minimum of three Playing with the Universe and/or Invocation Workshops and be sponsored by an existing member before being considered for initiation.


Next meeting: to be advised ...

Time: 7pm to 9pm.

Cost: $20 a session. (No initiation fees)

Where:  130 Boronia Rd., Vermont, Melbourne, 3133

Phone:  David 03 9873 3736