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This Saturday

6th June .... 


We have enough space in the Magic Cottage to be practice safe Social Distancing.  So, we’re starting up our free-form, spontaneous day of practical magical exploration at the Magic Cottage beneath the Mighty Oaks again.  Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned magical practitioner, these Saturdays offer wonderful opportunities to share, explore, create & learn, in a non-dogmatic atmosphere of magical potential & possibility.


 (or, if you just want to browse through the shop, that’s fine ... we obviously won’t charge you for that!)


These special, un-missable magical Saturdays will enhance & empower your magical life & workings.  Our shop is also open (it doesn’t cost anything if you just want to come and look at the shop), so remember to top up on your magical supplies while you’re here.  We now also have a selection of potted herbs for sale including such magical herbs as Mugwort, Rue and Squill.  Tarot readings and past-life regression are also available on the day.


When:  Saturday 6th June

Time: anytime between 10.30am & 5pm

Where: 130 Boronia Rd., Vermont, Melbourne, 3133

Cost:  $20

Time:  Anytime between 10.30am & 5pm

03 9873 3736